What to Expect as a Project Access Volunteer

Project Access, a TCMS opportunity since 2002, is based on a medically indigent patient’s need for care and giving TCMS physicians’ an opportunity to provide that care in an organized format.  This format has brought together volunteering physicians, CPL lab and ARA imaging support, hospital systems and surgery centers, and medication support in an amazing and effective cooperative effort for patient care.  To qualify, a patient must not have access to government or commercial health benefits, and income less than 250% of Federal Poverty Guidelines.  Yes, there are many problems with our healthcare systems, but these folks are in need of care now, not when the system finally gets fixed.

Most physician- patient treatment encounters end with a reliable, grateful patient and a physician who gains satisfaction from doing their fair share for a medically indigent human being.

Join us now, even without a direct call from a fellow physician—we need you to care for 5-10 patients yearly.  I would love to share the rewards of volunteerism with you!

Sounds good! Sign me up.